Our services for parks and gardens

We love greenery and we take care of it in every possible way: that’s why we can help you to design and create all sorts of green areas, no matter how big or small. From public parks to flowerbeds, from home gardens to artificial lakes, right through to the smallest requirements of offices and terraces.

Here are some of our services:

giardino realizzato da Vivai Zanella, Malo • Supplying and/or planting trees, bushes, shrubs, ground cover, climbers and potted plants to cover the ground;

Design and creation of any type of green areas: terraces, gardens, parks, flowerbeds and avenues with topiary hedges, construction of small border walls, borders for flowerbeds, ponds, fences, gazebos, playgrounds for children, irrigation systems and fountains;

• Design and construction of automatic and manual irrigation systems for areas of any size;

• Supply and installation of the most famous lawnmower robot brands, including Husqvarna, Wiper and Works;

• Creating flowerpots, also using artificial plants and flowers for offices;

Maintenance of green areas, cutting hedges, pruning trees measuring over 30 metres high (using vehicles equipped with a dedicated basket) and felling trees;

Lawn maintenance, mowing the grass, scarification, reseeding, fertilisation and rolling;

Advice on and maintenance of houseplants, including periodic maintenance;

• Decoration of graves with stable plants and flowers;

• Supply of pesticides, weed killers and fertilisers.

Gardens and flowerbeds

Garden furniture